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Comprehensive Assessments

Interview, Measure, Understand...

Enriching Connections is a Care Management company that conducts evidenced-based assessments on cognition, functional capability, mood, leisure interests, preferences and home safety.  We can help you measure abilities over time to better determine the options and most appropriate level of care.  In addition, we can submit reports to healthcare professionals or residential communities on your behalf and attend quarterly service plan meetings as an advocate.  Licensed to use the most comprehensive assessment instruments available today, we'll help you receive an in-depth, personalized understanding of the current status and the journey ahead.


Initial BCAT assessment: $275.00

Follow-up BCAT short form assessment: $125.00

Initial ECAT assessment: $275.00

Follow-up ECAT assessment: $125.00

Mood / Behavioral assessment: $90.00

My Voice lifestyle preference interview: $175.00

Functional Assessment Staging Tool: $90.00

Brief Cognitive Assessment: $90.00 

I-HOPE Home Safety Assessment: $175.00

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