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Covid-19 Statement

Enriching Connections is protecting you

As actions are taken across the country to reduce the spread of COVID-19, a virus that spreads rapidly from close contact, Enriching Connections requires the use of a new, sealed N95 or surgical mask during all its onsite visits with clients.  No staff or representative of Enriching Connections will be permitted to engage in an onsite visit without the use of a mask or when any known symptom of Covid-19 is present (temperature, shortness of breath, etc.).  In addition, during onsite visits, Enriching Connections staff will:

  • Offer the use of vinyl gloves at the discretion of each client

  • Wash hands and use hand sanitizer before and after client contact visits. 

  • Offer surgical quality masks to clients on site, in case they do not have a clean mask of their own to wear.

We understand when communicating with people living with cognitive impairment, wearing PPE can be frightening or create an extra barrier. To lessen this concern, staff will:

  • Use portable audio amplifiers to clarify communication as needed.

  • Patiently and gently introduce the reason for the use of masks to help lessen fear and discomfort, building a feeling of welcome understanding.  

While these times are challenging for all, your safety and comfort is our utmost priority.  We are all in this together!​

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