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Skills and Staff Training

Expert Guidance

Healthcare organizations are required to provide both comprehensive training and competencies. Whether your organization is operating as an Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation community, Licensed Adult Day Program or Specialized Memory Care, or you have staff who work in these locations as home health staff, dementia care training is essential. A lack of or minimal training could lead to injuries and significant health and safety risks for both your client and your staff, while also not meeting best practice recommendations. 

Enriching Connections trainers provide an in-person, engaging dementia care educational foundation which meets and exceeds the criteria of state regulators.  Annual or one time training regarding a variety of topics can also be presented to staff to support continuing education.  Classes can be tailored to the timeframe (1, 2, 5, 8 or more hours), sessions and specializations of your choice. Topics include: 

  • Psychosocial Needs of Older Adults and People Living with Cognitive Impairment

  • Understanding the Basics of Alzheimer's disease and Related Cognitive Impairments

  • Non-pharmacological Pain Management and Behavioral Interventions

  • Creating Meaningful Interactions and Purposeful Life Enrichment Activities

  • Enhancing the Lifestyle of Each Person

  • Understanding Communication Disorders

  • Creating an Environment of Well-Being

  • Practicing Person-Centered care

  • The 7 Dimensions of Wellness

  • Problem-solving Strategies in Memory Care

  • Team-building, Motivation and Inspiration.

  • Team Communication Strategies

  • Practicing Empathy

  • Living Each Day with Meaning and Purpose

  • Falls Prevention

  • Best Practice Everyday Interactions for Helping People with Dementia

  • Tailor a presentation to meet your specific team's needs!

Enriching Connections staff can also spend up to 8 hours observing your daily operations, identifying the benefits or growing edges within your Memory Care community through meeting with residents, staff and families, reviewing care or service plans, evaluating therapeutic environment and calendars, or conducting observations using Thomas Kitwood's Dementia Care Mapping tool.   You will receive a written report for quality improvement and opportunities for organizational growth to use at your discretion. ​


Determined by length of class and service required.  Minimum fee of $125 per hour.

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