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Covid-19 Statement

Your health and wellbeing matter!

With MD, DC and VA in their re-opening stages, Enriching Connections appointments can occur in our client's home or via Zoom.  Masks are to be worn by all people during any in person sessions.  Read more through our full Covid-19 statement:


Your partner in organizing the best life with your loved one living with cognitive impairment.

Enriching Connections, serving Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia, is all about living your best life while navigating the complex world of living with cognitive impairments.   We are here to assist people living with the diagnosis or people who are care partners (family, friends, spouses or hand-picked professionals) find and use resources to thrive better in their homes.  With firsthand and professional experience, to us, this road is personal.  Our services can help each person to live the life they want to live, feeling understood and supported.


Personally There for You

Comprehensive Assessments

Interview, Measure, Understand

Conduct evidenced-based assessments on cognition, capability, mood and home safety.  Measure results over time to better determine needs and best options or submit reports to healthcare professionals on your behalf.  Licensed to use the most comprehensive assessment instruments available today, we'll help you receive an in-depth, personalized understanding of the current status and the journey ahead.

Memory Care | Eldercare | Adult Care | Personal Care | Best Caregivers | Care Organization | Elder Care Management

Care Organization

A Personalized Approach

Perhaps you don't have a lot of time to follow up as needed or live out of state, our elder-concierge care organization service can help you select services or personal caregivers, arrange for appointments and do medical or non-medical follow-ups on a weekly, monthly or as-needed basis. Whether your loved one is living in a residential community or living at a personal home.  We can help you find the resources you need and want to thrive, your way.

Community Selection

Home is in the Heart

Knowing when to move and selecting the best fitting residential community are far from easy decisions.  Understanding the marketing material, lifestyle and amenity options, contracts, fees and ancillary charges, star-ratings and survey reports can leave your head spinning!  Let us do the work for you!  As a licensed Assisted Living Manager and over 30 years working in communities, we know what makes a great community from the inside out!  We understand the regulations, pricing plans and daily operations.  We can be your secret shopper or join you for the tours and contract review.  We can orchestrate downsizing and move-in logistics.  With us you receive an objective and personalized report with the hands on assistance to help you find the best fit for your loved one at their personal home or in a new residence.

Consultation and Coaching

Strategizing for your Wellbeing

Learning about you and strategizing options that determine real time solutions and the best fit direction.  Includes discussing goals of care, how to navigate family dynamics, understanding each option available such as the differences between memory care versus assisted living and learning your loved one's appropriate level of care. We will locate and review quality resources that may help keep you in your home longer while establishing and coordinating a care team.  As certified dementia care managers and trainers, we can educate your current caregiver or family member on the best practices for managing common challenges or behaviors associated with cognitive impairments.

Skills and Staff Training

Expert Guidance

Healthcare organizations are required to provide both comprehensive training and competencies. Whether your organization is operating an Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation community, Licensed Adult Day Program or Specialized Memory Care, or you have staff who work in these locations as home health staff, dementia care training is essential. A lack of or minimal training could lead to injuries and significant health and safety risks, while also not meeting best practice recommendations.  Enriching Connections trainers provide your staff with an in-person, engaging dementia care educational foundation which meets the criteria of state regulators.  Classes can be tailored to the timeframe (1, 2, 5, 8 or more hours), sessions and specializations of your choice.

Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Training (CDP)

Become a credentialed expert

Invest in your staff competency and program expertise by hosting a private group seminar to prepare participants to apply for certification as dementia practitioners through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP).  Having CDP certified staff for your Memory Care program has your organization stand out, increasing marketability, efficiency, trust and credibility. Let your prospects know that you are a leading organization with staff who are dementia care experts.

Programs can be held in person at your community or through an online platform such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. 

This thorough, two-day seminar, provides a solid foundation of all topics related to implementing the best practices of care within your operational structure.

A minimum of 10 people are required per class.

Individualized Cognitive Stimulation Sessions

Engage the Mind

Our cognitive stimulation sessions use only evidence-based interventions that have been shown to strengthen and encourage cognitive thinking in a person living with mild to moderate cognitive impairment.  Each 90 minute structured session includes personalized exercises to engage working memory and executive functioning.  Although there is no known cure to Alzheimer's disease or related cognitive impairments, research has shown that keeping the brain engaged through cognitive activities could assist overall functioning and slow decline.  Sessions are individualized and held in the client's home.

Engagement Visits

Cherish the Day

Loneliness and boredom have been directly linked to increased risk for cognitive impairment. Our engagement visits can provide creative and enjoyable experiences to brighten each day. After a detailed interest interview (held as part of initial 2 hour session) each 90 minute follow-up session will offer a menu of options meeting the person's interests and abilities.  Related additional services can provide you or your professional caregivers with an individualized engagement plan and toolbox that contains conversation prompts, fun ideas and techniques to set you up for success, enhance communication and create positive experiences with your loved one.

Pamela's passion for helping each person live their best life is beyond compare.  She deeply understands the complex issues associated with have a loved one live with dementia and the challenges each day can bring. Her commitment to providing the highest quality of life for each person is seen in all that she does. She will help you find the best services and resources for your loved one, helping them be happy in the moment.


Pamela is dedicated to making sure your loved one gets the assistance they need in the best ways possible.  We couldn't be more happy with her professionalism, expert and sensitive understanding.


When you first find out that your spouse has dementia, you are scared, confused, frustrated and not knowing what to do next.  I'm so glad that Pamela was there to help us find resources and support.



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